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I have seen often, students crams maths. There are many maths applications around us, you must know how they are and how do they work rather than cramming. It generate interest like engineering, logical & anaytical maths or any chapter of calculas or co-geometry; algebra, probability view their use, so that your brain memorize everything till last.


If anytopic is studied then about that instrument/device, principles and applications should be known, instead of cramming because of cram, valuable mind gets stuffed. Any topic/instrument should not halt to mind rather it should come upto one's heart. Thats why, we teach exclusively live.


Everyone says chemistry is a stewpot subjecy, its definately not. You must see these particles, molecules, atom with your own eyes to know how do they look and what they all do, what are their applications, where and how they get use in your daily lives rather than cramming all these chemical formulas & reactions.

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In the guidance of SANJAY SHAH MATHEMATICIAN . I got the oppourtunity to secure the excellent marks in exam . Thanks to NAVS ACADEMY & SSM SIR ....."'

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"" It was a great experience to study in NAVS ACADEMY. Every concept was described in great details and was suitably supported by standard examples . It really helped in solving tricky question and helpful for all condidates to secur

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